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“Asakusa” Trial Tour Report on Sep.11,2016

  • 2016.09.12

Thank you for all our guests who joined “September 11 Asakusa Trial Tour “.                       The guests were from U.S.A , India, Malaysia, Chile, Canada, Israel and Mexico.      Nakamise shopping street was very  clowded as usual.                                                         So TFWT flag was the great landmark for us.  There were  several curious buildings           and items,  and a lot of histories in Asakusa.    As several Gods  were  guarding  the  Sensoji  Temple,  we  could   safely  looked around     there.     .                                          TFWT’s  regular tour of the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace is held on every                 Saturday 13:00-15:00. You are in Tokyo, please come and join our regular tour.                   And also please visit our website, tripadvisor and facebook. (reported by Keiko N)

“ASAKUSA” Trial Tour Report on July 31, 2016

  • 2016.08.03

Thank you for all our guests who joined  ” July 31  Asakusa Trial Tour”. We had 6 guests from England, Argentina and Spain. Asakusa is one of the popular sightseeing spots among tourists from all over the world. At the first  we enjoyed the nice view of Tokyo Sky Tree from  observation floor of  Asakusa Imformation center. At  Nakamise  Shopping Street , we could find various interesting Japanese traditional souvenirs. We’ve  got great good fortune by visiting the Asakusa kannon temple and the Asakusa shrine  (*^▽^*)!!. TFWT’s regular tour of the East Garden of the Imperial Palace is held on every Saturday 13:00-15:00.  You are in Tokyo ,  please come and join our regular tour . And  also please visit our website , tripadvisor  and facebook. (reported by Keiko N.)

Tour Report on 6-March, 2016

  • 2016.03.07

I was a bit concerned because the weather forecast said that it would be rain, but unexpectedly it was sunny(sometimes slightly drrizled,though). furthermore, it was relatively warmer than typical early spring,luckily. We got 23guests from U.S.,Poland,Spain,Canada,Ireland.Our tour began at Marunouchi central gate of Tokyo Station at 10:00. We were so fortunate because we were able to see  cherry blossoms and plum blossoms at the same time in the East Garden of the Palace. Cherry blossoms are the national flower, and Japanese people like plum blossoms,too. Plum blossoms were supposed to be at their best in February and most kinds of Cherry blossoms blooms in April, but some earlier speces blooms in March.The tour was finished around 12:30. After that, we moved to Asakusa to hold a optional tour.Tokyo. Sensouji-temple is one of the most famous historical sight-seeing place of Tokyo. We enjoyed to see some historical things, try Japanese sweets, fortune telling, and making a wish for the god of the temple. written by Akira Hoyanagi

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